New Ontario Standard Tenancy Agreement

The Ontario government recently released a new standard tenancy agreement that is expected to simplify and standardize rental agreements across the province. The goal of the new agreement is to provide clarity and consistency for both landlords and tenants.

One of the biggest changes in the new standard tenancy agreement is the removal of certain clauses that were deemed unfair to tenants. These clauses include restrictions on pets, arbitrary rent increases, and the requirement to provide post-dated cheques for rent payments. The new agreement also includes language that clarifies the responsibility of both landlords and tenants for maintenance and repairs.

Another important change is the inclusion of a mandatory lease termination clause for situations where a landlord wants to sell their property or move into it themselves. This clause ensures that tenants are provided with proper notice and compensation in these situations.

The new standard tenancy agreement also includes provisions for tenants with disabilities, including the requirement for landlords to accommodate any necessary modifications to the rental unit.

Overall, the new standard tenancy agreement is a positive step towards creating a fair and transparent rental market in Ontario. Landlords and tenants alike can now utilize a standardized agreement that eliminates any confusion or ambiguity that may have existed in the past.

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